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Friday, 12 October 2007

Oh I say, how tiny!

WHEN the question is "Why has he done that?" the answer is usually "Art!" That's why Philadelphia artist Steve McLaughlin has compressed the Beatles' British albums into a one hour long MP3.

McLaughlin, a sound artist, speeded up the oeuvre 800 times in order to compress it into his one hour sound box, producing a very odd sounding skate through the history of the classic Beatles output called 'Run For Your Life'.

Though the John Lennon who produced 'Revolution Number Nine' would surely have time for this type of manipulation and Paul McCartney enjoyed the work of avant garde composers like Stockhausen and as Fireman has released his own electronica, working with Youth and Super Fury Animals and remixer Freelance Hellraiser.

No sooner had this feat been achieved, then of course people started to slow it down again - like this version of 'Tomorrow Never Knows', with its strangely filtered sound.

Of course the ones who got there first were two puppet pigs. At the height of Beatlemania the BBC's Pinky and Perky raced their warbling way through 'All My Loving'.

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