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Monday, 15 October 2007

Liverpool Museum celebrates Paul and John meeting

THE stage on which Paul McCartney watched The Quarrymen play on Saturday, July 6 1957 is being restored at the Museum of Liverpool.

St Peter's Church Hall, Woolton won its place in musical history as the place where John met Paul for the first time and the pair traded guitar licks. When the hall was renovated the city's museum snapped up the stage, which it hopes will be a major part of its planned revamp.

Staff at the museum want to find the rest of the audience too, so they can get the details of the reconstructed stage right.

John Lennon said of the most famous church fete in musical history: "That was the day, the day I met Paul, that it started moving."

Paul Gallagher of the Museum of Liverpool said: "This stage is very significant in the history of popular music. If John hadn't met Paul that day there could have been no Beatles or the international popularity of the Liverpool sound which spearheaded a musical and social revolution."

The museum is also hosting an exhibition of photographs by the late Hungarian-born photographer Michael Peto.

The pictures, taken during the filming of the Fab's 1965 film Help, were bequeathed to the University of Dundee and this is their first airing in The Beatle's home city.

Peto's Beatle work is also available in a limited edition book from Genesis Publications and the University of Dundee.


Lisa@Museums said...

Hi there,

You might also be interested in the new Beatles photography exhibition at the National Conservation Centre in Liverpool. It's informal shots taken by Michael Peto, of The Beatles on the set of Help! during 1965.

Check here for more info: www.liverpoolmuseums.org.uk

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